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Dr. Donald Stuss

President and

Scientific Director

Ontario Brain Institute

The brain. It drives our intelligence, our feelings, our ability to interact, to walk and talk, remember the good times, plan for the future, and care for ourselves and each other. It is the core of our lives and our world.

But we know that one in three Canadians will suffer from a neurological or psychiatric disorder or injury during their lifetime. What’s more, 38 per cent of all the years we lose to disability and death are from brain disorders. In Ontario alone, the annual cost of mental illness is $39 billion – representing just a fraction of the cost of all brain disorders – and the prevalence of brain disorders is rising, especially among our children and young adults.

Three years ago, a group of world-leading researchers met to explore these pressing issues and Ontario’s potential to accelerate improvements in brain health. Read more.



Integrating discovery

OBI’s integrated discovery programs are designed to create a seamless network of collaboration between patients, caregivers, health experts and industry to catalyze our understanding of brain disorders that have a significant impact on our society.

Learn more about how the Epilepsy Discovery Project is creating a wireless, implantable device that can predict and prevent seizures.

Take your brain for a walk

We know that exercise is good for your heart, your waistline and your muscles. But did you also know that exercise is really good for your brain?
Exercise has been shown to increase levels of proteins in the brain called neurotrophins. Neurotrophins help protect our brain cells, or neurons, against damage and death. Neurotrophins have also been associated with helping the brain grow new neurons, a process called neurogenesis. Learn more.

Innovating for better health

New software could change the way we assess and treat ADHD
Ontario’s neuroscience cluster is bringing together researchers and industry leaders from across southern Ontario to develop innovative brain training applications, imaging technologies and devices. Learn more about how we’re turning a breakthrough sports training videogame into a fun and interactive assessment and treatment platform for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

From the bench to the bedside

OBI Entrepreneurs are bringing cutting-edge brain research to the masses
The OBI Entrepreneurs program is giving researchers the skills and support to translate basic science into products that have a widespread impact on human health and well being. Learn more about how OBI Entrepreneur Xingxing Xing is making brain imaging more affordable and accessible for Ontarians.

September 2012 - Volume 1, Issue 1

OBI Founders

    Lawrence and Frances Bloomberg, Mount Sinai Hospital  •   Sydney and Florence Cooper, Baycrest  •   Gerald and Geraldine Heffernan, University of Toronto  •   William and Susanne Holland, Holland Bloorview  •   Richard M. Ivey, Western University  •   Robert and Linda Krembil, University Health Network  •   Arthur and Sonia Labatt, The Hospital for Sick Children  •   Joseph and Sandra Rotman, Ontario Brain Institute  •   Lawrence and Judith Tanenbaum, Brain Canada  •   Eli LillyCanada Inc.  •   GE Healthcare Canada  •   GlaxoSmithKline Inc.  •   IBM Canada Ltd.  •   Medtronic of Canada Ltd.  •   Pfizer Canada Ltd.  •   Valeant Canada LP


September 21-23, 2012

Brain Development Conference


October 10, 2012

Defining Tomorrow: Advancing the Integration of Engineering and Medicine

Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

February 19-21, 2013

Neuroscience Accelerator Workshop: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Programs & Research Department and the Ontario Brain Institute

Mar 3-7, 2013

Brain Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation

Rotman Research Institute

In the news

FedDev funding announced for KINARM projectâ„¢

The Globe and Mail, June 11, 2012

For better cures, let’s do science differently

The Globe and Mail, August 6, 2012

Business with brains

Canadian Business, August 13, 2012

Dragon's Den meets neuroscience

CBC, August 24, 2012

Our milestones

March 2012

OBI funds province-wide research programs in autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy

April 2012

OBI announces Brain-CODE

May 2012

OBI launches OBI Entrepreneurs program

June 2012

OBI creates a provincial neuroscience cluster



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